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Speaker Profile: Randy Syring (@RandySyring)

Randy Syring is the Chief Executive Developer at Level 12, a software craftsmanship firm specializing in web and data(base) projects tailor made for their customers.

Randy has been involved in software development for over 15 years and has been working directly with customers to build custom software for 12 of those years. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science and Mathematics, a M.A. in Biblical Counseling, and has done work towards an MBA. He is passionate about the Python programming language, good development practices (Agile), automated testing, and engaging the next generation of developers.

He also has street creds:

  • Founder of and regular speaker at DerbyPy
  • Mentor for the Velocity Indiana accelerator program
  • Presenter at MoSSCon, PyOhio, PyTexas, Code PaLOUsa, and varied tech meetups in the Louisville area.
  • Creator and contributor to a number of open source projects that can be found on GitHub and Bitbucket.

Randy will be presenting “Continuous Integration For The Win!” at 3:00PM Saturday (2/4) in the auditorium. Learn how to increase the quality of your code and improve team productivity by leveraging a CI pipeline to run tests, lint, and measure code coverage. Then, integrate all that knowledge right into a GitHub pull request for easy team review & verification before deployment. Finally, discuss the cultural challenges that can be met by those that want to integrate CI into their team.


Sponsor Profile: Nashville Software School (@nashsoftware)

Nashville Software School is a career accelerator for people who want a career developing web sites, web applications and/or mobile apps. We offer an intensive six-month training program designed to qualify graduates for jobs as junior software developers. Many of our wonderful volunteers are current or formers members of the software school!

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