Cold Steel Plastics

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Cold Steel Plastics is the online presence for a fishing lure company that was founded by professional bass fisherman Gary Everett. The only products sold on the website are those that currently hold a utility patent, design patent, or both. Everett is a combat veteran, husband, father, grandfather, philanthropist, business owner and professional fisherman.  Objectives and goals The initial objective of the site was to simply offer a web presence to showcase, and sell, a portfolio of lures that he has designed. Everett requested a site that was easy to navigate and would respond well on multiple platforms. The goal was for customers, and business owners, to be able to find general information about lures. This evolved into a place where they could view the portfolio, view locations to buy the lures in person, and for business owners to be able to inquire about reselling and to buy them at a wholesale price. Schedule The schedule for the website launch was roughly 90 days. Kick-off meeting Website wireframes Product Photography Macro Photography of Plastics Light Cube Website Design Built on WordPress Usability and Experience Testing Website development Point of Sale Integration to assist with in-store inventory management Vendor Display of locations paged, sortable, searchable, and filterable list WooCommerce for the eCommerce platform Woo and WordPress custom User Profile Integration Dynamic Event Pricing Wholesale Customer Pricing SSL Integration Payment Gateway Interface (FirstData e4 Global Gateway) Usability Testing Experience Testing SEO Launch Continued Maintainence  Target audience The target audience is anyone who is interested in fishing. As you can imagine, if customer A is 18 and customer B is 65, the aesthetic could be drastically different. We decided to create an interface that is very clean and that would remove distraction. This decision was driven around the fact that the primary purpose of the site is to share information about these newly patented lures. Project scope Domain Migration email Product Portfolio eCommerce Point of Sale and Inventory Integration Vendor Locations Contact Forms Customer Management System User Profile Portal Security Available materials Logo was provided in the form of a bumper sticker. Scanned, developed vector from scan in Illustrator The vector logo is now what is used in all marketing and communication material. Physical lures were shipped from Alabama for actual product photography.  Technology Utilized Product Photography Studio Lightbox Strobe Equipment WordPress Platform User Profile Management Google Map API to develop map and store placement Content Management including eCommerce WooCommerce FirstData e4 Global Gateway Payment Gateway Product Management Alternate Pricing Wholesale Event Sales Dynamic Event Based Sizes POS Integration SSL Entire site is Responsive

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