Lightning Now European Tour


The Lightning Now European Tour is a series of free day-and-a-half events covering everything you need to know to plan a successful Lightning implementation. We’re bringing top Lightning experts who will share the roadmap, discuss strategies for successful migrations, and deliver hands-on technical workshops.

No matter if you are a Salesforce developer, administrator or manager this is a must-attend event all about Lightning.


London: November 29-30 – Register @
Paris: December 1-2 – Register @
Munich: December 5-6 – Register @
Zurich: December 7 – Register @
Amsterdam: December 8-9 – Register @


Day 1 Agenda: Learn About Lightning!
9:00 Registration and Networking with Coffee
9:30 Why Lightning?: Overview Presentation
10:30 Sneak Peek: Lightning Roadmap Presentation
12:00 Provided Lunch and Networking
13:00 Migrating Your Org to Lightning
14:00 Customizations in Lightning
15:00 Open Discussion and Q&A

Day 2 Agenda: Get Hands On!
*Please bring your own charger and laptop
9:00 Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS)
9:30 Using SLDS in Visualforce
10:00 Building Lightning Components
12:00 Q&A and Wrap-Up

*Note: Presentations will be delivered primarily in English. Food and beverage will be provided.
**Note: Zurich will only have a one-day event


Our amazing developer groups will be hosting evening meetups to coincide with the Lightning Now Tour. Finish day 1 with a fireside chat with the Lightning product team: Find your local developer group


We will be giving away real badges (Our American friends might call them buttons…) for every eligible Trailhead Lightning badge you have. All you need to do at the event is show us your Trailhead badges and we’ll hook you up with a sweet real life version. So if you haven’t already, check out the list of eligible badges at the end of this post and get busy completing your Lightning badges for the Lightning Now Tour:

List of Eligible Badges
Lightning Apps
Lightning App Builder
Lightning Component Basics
Lightning Experience Basics
Lightning Experience Rollout
Lightning Experience Development
Visualforce & Lightning Experience
Lightning Design System
App Customization
App Customization Lite

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