Launchpad comes to Africa to support tech startups! Apply to join the first accelerator class

Posted by Andy Volk, Sub-Saharan Africa Ecosystem Regional Manager & Josh Yellin,
Program Manager of Launchpad Accelerator

Earlier this year at Google for Nigeria, our CEO Sundar Pichai made a commitment
to support African entrepreneurs building successful technology companies and
products. Following up on that commitment, we’re excited to announce Google Developers
Launchpad Africa
, our new hands-on comprehensive mentorship program
tailored exclusively to startups based in Africa.

Building on the success of our global Launchpad
program, Launchpad Africa will kick-off as a three-month
accelerator that provides African startups with over $3 million in equity-free
support, working space, travel and PR backing, and access to expert advisers
from Google, Africa, and around the world.

The first application
period is now open through December 11, 9am PST and the first class will start
in early 2018. More classes will be hosted in 2018 and beyond.

What do we look for when selecting startups?

Each startup that applies to Launchpad Africa is evaluated carefully. Below are
general guidelines behind our process to help you understand what we look for in
our candidates.

All startups in the program must:

  • Be a technology startup.
  • Be based in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, or Uganda (stay
    tuned for future classes, as we hope to add more countries).
  • Have already raised seed funding.

Additionally, we also consider:

  • The problem you’re trying to solve. How does it create value for users? How
    are you addressing a real challenge for your home city, country, or Africa
  • Will you share what you learn for the benefit of other startups in your
    local ecosystem?

Anyone who spends time in the African technology space knows that the continent
is home to some exciting innovations. Over the years, Google has worked with
some incredible startups across Africa, tackling everything from healthcare,
education, streamlining e-commerce,
to improving the food supply chain. We very
much look forward to welcoming the first cohort of innovators for Launchpad
Africa and continue to work together to drive innovation in the African market.

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